As a comprehensive manufacturer and exporter, Sky Swallow has been active in the field of medium and high end outdoor and tactical clothing since 2001. With priority on waterproof technique, its main products cover taped rainwear, welded PU rainwear, tactical garment, outdoor jacket,lady fashion raincoat and motorcycle garment. The company owns a mature professional production process where the application of waterproof technique from Germany is accessible, which ensures the required standards of 100% waterproof for outdoor clothing. The products of the company are made of selected materials, such as Kevlar and Cordular fabrics which are breathable and durable, 3M Thinsulate, Primarloft and Dupon padding, super soft lining and superior quality trims.With constant efforts, the company has accumulated rich experience in the fields of manufacturing techniques, material property and finished-products trimming. After years of cooperation with POLO, IXS and Pentagon, it gains with honor a reputation of “Perfect Fit” –full range of sizes, smart tailoring, excellent stitching and comfort wear with optimum functions
Dedicated to integrity, profession, quality service and perfection, the company greatly appreciates the opportunities to serve customers and consistently strives to be a most reliable partner for clients . Thank you for your trust in Sky-swallow .


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